With a more than 20 year background as a professional creative, Jeff has made his mark on a number of creative endeavors. Jeff holds a masters degree in art history and practices painting and photography. Jeff has worked in graphic/web design, advertising, prop styling, interior design and antiques over the course of his career. As an art director for various home segment retailers such as Neiman Marcus Direct, Saks Fifth Ave, Smith & Hawkin, Williams Sonoma and Mary Kay , Jeff has both navigated the creative side of retail and quickly understood the sharpness of the bottom line. In addition to fortune 500 companies, such as Proctor, Gamble and E. Lilly, Galderma, C.H. Guenther, Jeff has created solutions for the smallest of mom and pops. Jeff has consulted on numerous aspects of the retail/ business, catalog production, e-commerce solutions, retail trends, and web marketing, web design/development, SEO, mobile applications, brand identity across both digital and print platforms. Jeff is a fluent creative, both at home with digital development code, as well as the creative processes of advertising, brand message fidelity, photography, art history, in addition to design and antiques. Jeff is currently working in luxury real estate as a licensed Texas Realtor—Using his expertise in advertising and marketing combined with interior design, Jeff offers a unique skill set to his residential clients both buying and marketing of luxury real estate. Jeff is also an avid francophile, spending large amounts of time in France, sourcing and importing French antiques, housewares to the US design market. Chances are that you might know that Jeff is a PADI certified scuba instructor. In his free time you will often find him either on the way to a tropical island or underwater teaching a group how to dive for the first time. This passion has taken him all over the world from St Maarten to Greece—Madagascar to Bali–Have a seat, Jeff has a wealth of exotic stories to tell.
Martin Driskill Carmel by the Sea, CA 93921 jeff@martindriskill.com