Designers and design editors always proclaim "the magic is in the mix." Some study how to make that happen ( I went to Parsons to figure that out) , others do it intuitively. Phillipe Stark, Kelly Werstler, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Michelle Nuessbaumer, Jan Showers — and a thousand other great talents exercise these muscles with an alacrity that is unparalleled. They speak a language that is difficult to really learn if you do not have that 'thing' that 'eye.' Its a curiosity— a quest to understand, to draw meaning from the visual world we inhabit. We look for references in memory, exotic cultures, nostalgia, a collective understanding of the visual world, the path and experience that informs each of us. The meaning of it all for these visionaries lives in the details of the physical, the colors, the smells, the touch and the light. The visual vocabulary they employ is a language rooted in thousands of ideas that have come before, thousands of years of questions and discovery. A thousand memories to be remembered. Our physical world is a manifestation of the past. Where did this come from? A serious question to the art historian—provenance— whether fine or decorative art. Who had this? Who loved it as much as I do now. What is its meaning? What was its meaning then? Who created it? What was she (#metoo) thinking? While we love the old and the patina of time. We are as motivated by the artist and thinkers of today. How do they interpret the catalog of visual history? What inspiration do they draw? From where? Why? So by now, it should be clear. What is Martin Driskill? To take my hand, is to walk with me on that journey. Martin Driskill is a search, it is the fire of a neuron, the glint of an unsuspected color, the texture of knitted cashmere (or crochet in my case). Martin Driskill is one more trade show with tired feet. Martin Driskill is my long gone aunt (she is the Driskill) and the smell of Christmas 1974. Martin Driskill is the rush of that plane ride to Paris no matter how may times I have gone. Martin Driskill is the zebra skin on the floor with the memory of them alive on the sand of Namibia. It is the cowery coin sewen into the mudcloth that Angolan merchant gave me for nothing. Martin Diskill is the souq and grit of Tangier and the bazaar on the layover in Istanbul. It is the sea shell from Male and the embroidery from Guatemala. Martin Driskill is the early morning ride from Chartres to Le Mans not knowing what is to be found with frigid sleep in the eye. MD is L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue on a glorious summer morning and yes, lavender does waft on the wind. So, that is what we are about: creation, imagination, dreams and inspiration— and in the process of looking and searching—self discovery. Martin Driskill is old, antique, and also new and uncharted and in that juxtaposition lies the essence. Look to MD and you will find the reason to live an inspired life through elegant design. Discover the timeless, the new, the best-- Martin Driskill-Carmel by the Sea—
Jeff M. Barnes
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